Free Look of Kaholo's Seduction

“Ah, fuck. Suck me.”  Toby fought the urge to bury his hands in Kaholo’s dark silken hair.  The golden brown man hummed his approval, the vibrations against his overly sensitive cock nearly sending Toby around the bend.  If someone had told him six months ago when he accepted this job transfer to Honolulu, he’d be experiencing a blowjob from his male lover on a private beach, he’d have told them they were smoking something.  His plan of working his way up the corporate ladder hadn’t included the luscious man kneeling at his feet.  One would think at forty he should’ve had more control than this. “Oh God, Kaholo, please.”  He dug his nails deep into his palms to keep from grabbing Kaholo’s head to end his torment.
His lover gave him a mischievous smile as he pulled away from Toby’s aching flesh. “Feels good, doesn’t it?”  His tongue, pink and moist, rubbed over the crest of Toby’s dick, sending jolts of pleasure up his spine.  “Hmmm, salty. You always taste of the sea.”
“Shit….”  A hiss escaped Toby as another spurt of pre-come leaked from him. His body was more than willing to give Kaholo anything he wanted.  He trembled when one of Kaholo’s hands slipped under his full sack to tease at the tender flesh behind his balls.  His breath grew erratic, even as he looked around the deserted beach.  Private or not, he was taking a big risk, but with his dick one step away from paradise he could care less about his surroundings.  He grabbed at Kaholo’s shoulders when the tip of an inquisitive digit brushed over his rosette.  A low groan ripped free of him as Kaholo pressed against the tightly furled entrance.
“Easy.”  Kaholo gentled him, his finger easing up, his dark amber eyes reassuring. “We’ll take it as slow as you need – I can wait until you’re ready, ipo.” 
Toby nearly melted into the sand at the husky endearment if it weren’t for the thick shoulders under his palms.  There was something about his new lover which had snuck under his guard. It was exactly this kind of thing that went straight to Toby’s jaded heart.  
“I…” He gritted his teeth at the continual brush of fingers over his back door. He’d never been on the receiving end of anal play,  although with Kaholo he wanted to try.  He stiffened when the pressure built.  He tried to relax but found he couldn’t. What was I thinking when I agreed to this?  He cared deeply for Kaholo but the idea of giving up his anal cherry was daunting.
“Sirs, your dinners are ready. I’ve set them up on the terrace as requested.”    The stiff reminder from Kaholo’s butler should’ve had him blustering and trying to jerk his swim trunks up, but instead he felt only relief as the hand teasing his anus disappeared.  The tug of his shorts and the gentle covering of his cock eased his fear.  Kaholo continued to amaze him – he was nothing like what he expected a gay man to be.  He was such a strong specimen of manhood, but still tender without being overly flamboyant.
“Thank you, Samuel.”  Kaholo stood, towering over his own six foot height by several inches, surprisingly Toby didn’t mind. He’d admired the man’s form from afar since he’d first spotted Kaholo during one of his morning runs along the beach.  In fact, he’d actually stumbled when he’d caught glimpse of the huge man gliding through katas in the early dawn housrs. “Come, ipo.”  Kaholo drew him closer, dipping his head to brush his lips over Toby’s ear, causing his cock to throb hard against the silky material of his trunks. “I suppose I should feed you first, before I devour you.” 
“Sure.”  The word came out rough as Kaholo guided him up the path to the terrace with a hand on the small of his back.  When they approached, Samuel looked regal if not disapproving in his dark suit stood next to the ivory linen-covered table.  Set with china, sterling silver utensils, and crystal goblets, only made Toby sigh.  A simple man, he was much more comfortable with Chinet and plastic glasses. The luxurious spread reminded him of the differences between him and his lover. Why was he with him? A working stiff in middle management of a local hotel, when Kaholo could easily buy the hotel twice over?
Next to him, Kaholo growled – his frustration with the china obvious. “Samuel, didn’t I tell you not to use the Noritake?”  He nuzzled Toby’s ear.  “Every time he does this, I swear I’m going to break something.”
“Sir, you said this occasion was important to both you and Mr. Lehman. Society dictates on occasions as such this the finest china and glassware should be used. Your mother would be…”
Moving away to pull out Toby’s chair, Kaholo glared at the man he’d inherited from his mother. “Enough, Samuel. I don’t care what my mom deems to be correct.”  Toby winced at the cold tone coming from his lover.  “That will be all.  We can serve ourselves. You’re dismissed for the evening.”  He turned his back on the butler before seating himself.  Once he filled the crystal goblet with water, Kaholo took a deep drink. Toby noticed the fine tremor in his man’s hand after he set aside his drink to serve them - which was so unlike Kaholo. Before he could reflect any more on the fact, the familiar smell of manapua teased his nose, distracting him.
“Baked or steamed, ipo?”  Kaholo paused as he held a silver pair of tongs over the pork filled pastry – a delicious treat Toby had found shortly after his arrival.  The savory meat was one of his favorite dishes.
 “Baked, of course.” 
“Heathen.”  Kaholo shook his head.  Like most natives, his lover found the idea of baking manapua a crime. Only tourists, mainlanders, preferred the baked version – true islanders ate the pastry steamed.
Toby chuckled. “So you say – but I’m a Midwestern boy. We like our bread baked not steamed.”
After selecting one of the golden brown pork-filled rolls, Kaholo moved around the table filling Toby’s plate with various foods – including honest to God mustard potato salad.  His man had gone all out on this meal.  With a murmur of thanks he accepted the plate – long past the point of protesting Kaholo’s need to care for him. While still a bit unfamiliar, it was no longer unwelcome.  Once Kaholo served himself, Toby reached for his fork.
Eying the potato salad, he took a huge bite, hoping the side might actually taste like his mother’s.  He wasn’t holding out  hope, but it had been years since he’d had any.  The Hawaiian version of his comfort food did not even come close to the original. When the tang of mustard against cold potatoes and the crunch of radishes teased his taste buds, he moaned. Across the table, Kahilo’s eyes darkened with desire as Toby licked the tines of his fork. “Damn, this is good. Where did you find potato salad at on this god-forsaken island?” 
 An amused grin tugged at the corners of Kaholo’s mouth. “I have my ways.”  And knowing his lover, he’d probably ordered the treat to be air-shipped in from the Mainland, but he wasn’t going to look a gift horse in the mouth.  He’d enjoy the food and try not to worry about the expense. 
The meal progressed, but without the normal comradery between them, Toby couldn’t help but notice Kaholo’s unusual restlessness.   Where had his teasing lover from the beach gone? It wasn’t unusual for the other man to be moody after dealing with Samuel or at the mention of his mother, but this was different – and he didn’t think it had anything to do with Kaholo’s strained relationship with his family. There was a tension about the man  which wasn’t normal. Has he decided after my earlier reaction to his advances that he no longer wants the chore of breaking in a virgin? Damn I’m so out of my element here – it’s like I’m sixteen again wondering if Sarah would let me steal a kiss behind her daddy’s barn.  After several more minutes of getting only short answers, Toby finally had enough and pushed back from the table.
 “Okay, obviously something is wrong but you’re not ready to talk. Whether it’s because you’ve changed your mind about doing this tonight, or are preoccupied with something else, perhaps it would be best if I headed home.” He wiped his mouth on his napkin before tossing the crumpled linen on the table next to his empty plate. 
Kaholo jerked as if struck. “What? There’s nothing is wrong, ipo. It’s just that I’ve never…”  His face flushed as Toby stood. “No wait…don’t go. Please, let me explain, Toby.”
His lover’s desperation was obvious and Toby softened. It wasn’t that he wanted to leave, but he wouldn’t stay where he wasn’t welcome.  He’d had enough of that on the Mainland when he’d decided to leave his community after his Rumspringa.  What could it hurt to hear him out?  Finally nodding, he dropped back into his chair, his arms folded across his chest.
“Ah hell, I’ve screwed this all up.”  Kaholo toyed with his napkin before meeting his eyes. “I never meant to give you the impression I don’t want this to happen tonight. I do – badly. I’ve thought of nothing else since you brought up the possibility.” His tongue swiped across his lower lip. “However before we try this, I’m going to need more than just a hand job in return.”
Toby’s ears began to burn as his stomach sunk. He’d known the more experienced man wouldn’t be satisfied with hand jobs, and even the clumsy blow job he’d given him last week for long – he just hadn’t expected an ultimatum this quickly. “So either I put out or we’re done?”  Toby couldn’t get over the disgust he felt at his words. Now he knew what a woman went through when her date pushed for sex. “Shit, I don’t believe this.” He squeezed the bridge of his nose before dropping his hand. “I’ve tried to explain to you how I was raised.  For fuck’s sake, I grew up in an Amish community where sex outside of procreation was considered a sin, let alone lusting after a man. I’m trying to overcome nearly twenty years of teaching, but obviously not hard enough for you…”
Kaholo’s hand covered his. “Shh. This has nothing to do with our sex life, Toby. I love the idea I’m your first – the first to tempt you into giving into your natural urges.  I’ve enjoyed everything we’ve done over the past few months, but I need more.”
 Before he could protest once more, Kaholo slipped out of his chair to kneel next to him. “I want you to move in with me…” he requested, rubbing his hands over Toby’s thighs. “…to be my man.”
Toby’s jaw dropped. This was the last thing he’d expected. “Ah…”
“Relax, ipo, I’m not asking you to marry me…yet.  I simply need more than our ‘friends with benefits’ status.” He tugged on Toby’s knees, turning him towards him, before he slid between  his parted thighs. “I understand you not wanting to flaunt us at work – the company you work for has some very conservative clients.”  He cupped his palm over Toby’s heart. “But to ask me to be your first without a commitment between us would be a disaster for me.”
Toby placed his hand over Kaholo’s,  relaxing as understanding washed over him. “You’re not ending our relationship because I haven’t let you fuck me yet? You want…more.”
A slow grin crossed his lover’s face. “That’s right. It’s just not about wanting more, Tobias Lehman – it’s about needing it. So what I said earlier… well that was  more a warning than an ultimatum.”  His hands slipped between Toby’s ass and the chair – cupping him, supporting his weight. “If you let me inside this luscious ass, I’m going to want to keep it. You need to be sure you’re ready for that.” He freed his hands, before slowly standing.  Gathering the empty plates, he continued with a hoarse voice. “Think about my offer, ipo. Whether I take you or not is entirely in your hands. While I won’t end our relationship if you refuse, I won’t take you until you’re ready to offer the same commitment to me.”   Stacking the dishes on the serving cart, Kaholo worked efficiently clearing the table. 
All Toby could do is sit and admire the graceful movements displayed in each pivot and twist. He was supposed to be deciding but his attention was solely on his man. His breath caught when a particularly deep bend tightened the fabric of Kaholo’s pants, molding them to his tight ass.  Without thinking he reached out to touch, his fingers grazing the taunt flesh before his hand cupped one globe.  He gave a gentle squeeze.
Kaholo groaned. “You aren’t making this easy, Toby. You’re supposed to be deciding – not groping me.”
Flushing, Toby dropped his hand. “Yeah – tell that to my dick.” After trying and failing to think rationally about the consequences of giving himself to Kaholo, he realized he needed some time alone. He rose from the chair. “I – I’ll be right back.”   Without waiting for an answer, he took off – jogging towards the beach.
* * * *
Kaholo closed his eyes, trying to push down  his longing to chase after Toby.  This night wasn’t going as he’d originally planned – but he’d known it wouldn’t when he’d awoken this morning with the realization that he wouldn’t be able to give Toby up if they ended up going all the way, like he’d thought. Their ‘friends with benefits’ was a ruse, and had been for some time – at least on his part. In fact, he’d been half in love with the Midwesterner since the first time they’d met when he’d caught the man as he’d stumbled over a piece of driftwood marking off Kaholo’s private training area. The warm weight and tangy scent of Stetson had washed over him when he’d wrapped his arms around the slightly smaller man, but it had been the surprised longing in Toby’s eyes which had sent him careened down the slippery slope of love. Now he was afraid he’d pushed too hard, too fast for his unsure lover. 
“Damn my impatience. I know how he was brought up.  He never hid from me how closed minded his parents,  hell even his whole community is.  How each and every one of them was a bigot.”  The idea of how close he’d come to never meeting Toby was quite sobering.  If it hadn’t been for the community’s intolerance to his ipo’s emerging sexuality – the man would’ve likely stayed in Ohio. “But no, instead they had to mess his head up so much, he wasn’t able to get past their archaic teachings. Christ it took nearly an act of God to get him to admit he found me attractive.
In his pants, his cock stirred at the memory – of how sweet but tentative Toby’s lips had felt against his as he finally gave into his natural desire for another man – namely Kaholo.  Never mind the fact that he’d had to ply the man with plenty of Coronas to get past his inhibitions.  He’d soothed his conscious by reminding himself he’d managed to keep his hands off Toby’s amazing body while they’d kissed.  Not that it had stopped Toby from rubbing every inch of his against mine while we kissed each other senseless.  He’d almost spilled inside his pants like an untried youth.  The only thing which had stopped him was the arrival of his mother; her distaste for his lifestyle had not only ruined the mood - but had sent Toby scurrying back up the beach towards his much more modest home. 
He glanced down the beach, praying that wasn’t the case this time, but after spotting Toby jogging in the opposite direction of his house, a sigh of relief escaped him.  Then the other man stopped at the water’s edge. Kaholo leaned against the railing surrounding the terrace. The set of Toby’s shoulders told its own tale. The man was thinking hard – which was just what he wanted. 
“Sir?”  Samuel’s voice sent shards of irritation through him. 
“I thought I dismissed you for the night, Samuel.”  He knew his tone was abrupt but couldn’t seem to care. If Samuel hadn’t been like a second father to him following his father’s death, he’d have fired the man for his interfering ways a long time ago.
“I was finishing the kitchen clean up when I saw Mr. Lehman leave.  Perhaps it’s for the best.” It took all of Kaholo’s control to not shrug off the hand Samuel placed on his shoulder. “He was not suitable for you. Your mother longs for grandchildren.  You can’t give them to her with another man –especially one as provincial as Mr. Lehman. Don’t you think it’s time for you to grow up and find a nice woman to settle down with?”
Anger surged through him, his patience at an end.  He twisted, dislodging the hand, and glared at the man whose opinion had once meant the world to him. “I don’t care how simple he seems to you. He’s a good man who I happen to love. I will not give him up for any woman nor the grandchildren my mother thinks she needs.”  Drawing a depth breath, he said the words he’d promised himself he’d never say. “You’re fired. Pack your stuff – I want you out of my house in the next thirty minutes.” 
A muscle in Samuel’s jaw tightened. “You can’t fire me. I was hired by your mother…”
“Then go live with her because you’re not welcome here anymore. I’m sure there’s plenty of room in her bed.” Samuel flinched but Kaholo laughed. “Didn’t think I knew about your affair, did you? If my mother wants grandkids so badly…why don’t you quit fucking around and marry her – then your grandkids can be hers too. After all, your wife has been gone for nearly five years now. I wonder what she would have said if she’d known  you crawled into my mother’s bed mere days after her funeral.”
“You have no right.” Samuel whispered before he turned to disappear inside the house.
Kaholo’s shoulders slumped. He hadn’t meant to belittle the man’s loss, but he was tired of the constant condescension Samuel threw his way since he’d come out ten years ago. He wouldn’t apologize for his attraction to men and now that he’d made his own fortune and could support himself without the trust his dad had left him, he wasn’t going to deny himself happiness just because his family didn’t approve of his sexuality.
“Kaholo?” Toby’s hesitant voice caused him to jerk.  Turning around, he saw the flush crossing the strong cheekbones as Toby licked his lower lip. Kaholo had to wonder how much of the conversation he’d overheard. “I’m sorry you had to hear that.”  He wanted to open his arms and draw the man close, to forget about the dirtiness of his confrontation.
Toby shoved his hands into his pockets, shifting  uneasily, before meeting Kaholo’s gaze. “Did you mean it?”
“That he was fired…yes. No man in my employ gets to talk about you in such a way, ipo.”
Toby shook his head. “No, the other.” His voice dropped to a whisper, which Kaholo wouldn’t have been able to hear, if he hadn’t been as close as he was. “Do you love me?”
His heart softened at the lost look in the older man’s eyes.  In matters of love between men, Toby was much younger than his forty years.  Kaholo pulled him into his arms. He pressed his mouth against Toby’s temple, brushing his lips across it. “Of course, I do. I wouldn’t have asked you to move in with me, if I hadn’t.”
Kaholo felt the slow smile against his chest before Toby tipped his head up.  Then came the words he had hoped for.  “I’ve decided. I’m ready to have you make love to me.”
Kaholo froze. His elation tempered by the thought that maybe he was hearing things. Toby liked to think things over – it took the man nearly a week to accept his first invitation to supper at Kaholo’s house.  He couldn’t have made the choice that fast-could he?  He leaned back, turning Toby’s face up towards his with his knuckle. “Just to be clear here – you’ll move in with me?”
Toby nodded. “I’ve never had anyone try to protect me before. When you told Samuel you wouldn’t…” He fumbled a bit. “Let’s just say hearing  you would give up…made me realize you were in this for the long haul – even when it meant your family would be against it.”
“I’ve never hid the fact I’m gay, ipo. If my mother chooses to believe this is just a phase I’m going to grow out of - that’s her problem. I’ve never been attracted to women, only to men.”  He pulled him closer.  “Particularly a man who quivered the first time I kissed him. So if you think I’m giving up something to be with you – get that idea out of your head – I’m not giving up anything I want.” He cupped Toby’s chin. “One day if we decide we want kids – we can adopt or look into surrogates.” He brushed a kiss over Toby’s mouth. “But first I want to see you spread out on my bed.”
Toby’s eyes darkened. “Then what are we waiting for?”
* * * *
A lone lamp illuminated the large sleigh bed sitting in the center of Kaholo’s room. Toby wiped his damp palms on his jeans as he stepped across the threshold for the first time.  He wondered why all of their exploring had occurred downstairs on Kaholo’s leather couch when he had this magnificent king-sized bed set up above their heads.
“Because I would’ve had you long before now, ipo.” Kaholo shut the door behind him, answering his unspoken thought. “I wouldn’t have been able to resist. The fact we were downstairs kept me honest.”  He toed off his shoes, before reaching for the buttons on his silk shirt. “Strip – now.” 
The glittering desire in Kaholo’s gaze had him swallowing nervously even as his dick tightened painfully against his zipper.  He grabbed the hem of his own shirt, yanking the garment over his head only to still at the warm caress of a tongue on his nipple.  A low sound built in his chest as the pressure grew when Kaholo drew the small nub into his mouth, nipping and lashing at the captured flesh. A spurt of pre-cum dampened his jeans. “Aw, fuck.”
“Soon, ipo.”  Kaholo released his flesh to straighten.  He helped Toby untangle the shirt from his arms.  As the cloth cleared his head, he took in the sight of Kaholo’s bare chest. Lifting a hand, he reached out to tweak one of his nipples – a hot button for Kaholo – only to have the man stop him.
“Don’t. You do that and this will end quicker than I want.”  His voice was guttural.  “Strip and get on the bed while I get the supplies.”  He exited the room to what he assumed was a bathroom.  “I don’t hear you moving, ipo. Either you lose the jeans before I come back in, or I’ll rip them off you.”
He heard the sound of running water, before the words finally sank in. What is he doing? But even as he thought it, he proceeded to strip out of his jeans.  He’d just jumped under the cool sheets of Kaholo’s bed when the man returned wearing nothing but a robe and carrying a tray containing a bowl of steaming water, a bottle of lube and…a butt plug? His balls tightened at the sight of the sex toy. Is he honestly going to shove that in my ass?
“Good.”  Kaholo set the tray down on the stand next to the bed. “I’d have hated to tear up your favorite jeans.”  He pulled Toby into his arms, his mouth crashing down on his.  He parted his lips with a moan, and as a reward enjoyed a flavor uniquely Toby’s.  As their tongues thrust and rubbed together, Toby slipped his hands inside his robe. He loved having his lover’s palms against his skin. God his man was so curious and he wanted to indulge him every chance he got.   Kaholo parted their mouths giving a frustrated groan, tipping his head ‘til their foreheads met. “Damn for a man who’s never kissed a man before me you sure picked up on it quick.  I nearly came from your taste alone.” 
Toby flushed, leaning back against the pillows.  “Thanks -  I think?” 
Kaholo stood – yanking down the covers exposing every inch of Toby’s body before reaching for the lube. Toby watched, as he drizzled the lube over the plug, his earlier apprehension returning.  “Relax. I’m not going to just cram this up your ass. I want to play with that thick cock of yours while I tease you with this. Not only will this stretch you for me, but it will give you a preview of how great it’ll feel once I’m in you.”
A growl escaped Toby. “What do I need to do?”   His stomach clenched with desire when Kaholo gave a slow smile. “Just lay back and relax, ipo.
* * * *
Toby thrashed around as Kaholo fed another inch of the plug inside him.  He gritted his teeth to keep from spilling as he hung onto his own ankles.  With his parted legs hoisted above his head, his cock dripping copious amounts of pre-cum from the through rimming Kaholo had given him, Toby was ready to explode from the building pleasure.  
“Ahhhh.”  He arched his back as Kaholo, who was lying on his stomach between Toby’s legs, finally sank the butt plug to the hilt.  He could feel the narrow base now resting snugly against his ass cheeks.
“Shhh.”  Kaholo rubbed the back of his tense thighs, before helping him lower his legs down. “The plug is in now. The burn will ease…”
The shift in position made the toy touch a spot so sensitive it caused Toby to cry out. “Oh my God!”  He wiggled, loving the sharp sensation. He was almost there – from nothing more than a plug inside his ass. “Please, Kaholo!”  He grasped at his lover, trying to hold on as he trembled on the edge of what was sure to be a stellar orgasm.
“Is it too much? Do I need to remove the plug…?”
Toby opened his eyes, reached up, grabbed Kaholo and dragged him close. “Don’t you dare. Do something please!”  He begged. “I’m burning up!”
Understanding dawned in Kaholo’s expression. “Already, ipo?  Damn, how did I get so lucky.”  Evidently not expecting an answer, he dove between Toby’s legs, swallowing his cock to the root. 
“Fuck!”  Toby jerked as his balls tightened at the lash of his man’s tongue over the engorged crest and down his straining length.  He cried out at the gentle tap Kaholo gave the plug, sending it rubbing over that spot – the one promising nirvana.  Fighting the urge to fill his lover’s mouth, he nearly had it achieved until a harsh moan vibrated around his cock – one he was all too familiar with – Kaholo wanted his cum and wasn’t happy Toby was fighting the urge.
“I want you in me before I come, please…Kaholo!”  He screamed as his cock erupted when Kaholo twisted the plug inside him.  The happy noises Kaholo made were oblivious to him as the other man fucked him through his orgasm with the plug.   Each time the toy rubbed against his prostate another wave of pleasure hit him until he was lying like a limp rag on the bed.
Kaholo released him with a soft lick. “Damn that was hot, Toby. I think you’re going to love having me in your ass.”
Opening his eyes, Toby beckoned him closer with his finger. Kaholo moved forward until their faces were inches apart.  “Fuck me, NOW.”  His demand had Kaholo’s eyes widening.
Toby groaned as the plug was replaced by hot damp head of Kaholo’s lubed cock.  “Relax, push out for me.”
He did as suggested, gasping as the head snapped past tight ring of  resistance . He pushed up, wanting more.  Kaholo’s hands tightened on his hips as he fed more of his dick into Toby’s tight ass.  When he finally sank to the hilt, they both cried out.
“Ah, fuck….move.”  Toby pleaded his fingers digging into Kaholo’s shoulders.  “I’m gonna come again.”  His cock, once again hard, smacked against his abs.  He wiggled - looking for the friction. 
Kaholo hissed. “Are you sure?” 
“Yes!’  Toby threaded his fingers through the long dark hair spilling over him, before plastering his mouth against Kaholo’s.  Kissing him frantically, he mumbled words of need against the younger man’s mouth. 
Kaholo cursed and ripped his mouth away as he began to buck against Toby. “You asked for it, ipo,”  
“Yes…oh God yes….so good.”  His head swam with the building pleasure.  Every thrust of Kaholo’s hips sent him closer to edge. If he’d thought the plug was nirvana, his love’s cock was nirvana squared.  He was delirious with pleasure. “Aw fuck me, Kaholo...”  His climax hit him broadside, his cock spewing between their bodies as he screamed the words he’d learned shortly after he’d started dating Kaholo. “Aloha wau ia oe!”
Above him, Kaholo stiffened, warmth filling Toby as he held Kaholo through his own rapture. When it was over Kaholo collapsed over him, his warm weight welcoming as he gasped for breath.  Finally Kaholo lifted his head off Toby’s shoulder, his amber eyes moist as they met Toby’s. “I love you too, ipo.” 

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