Welcome to Fan Exclusives!

Welcome all! This section on Dakota's site is specifically for fans who enjoy her work and is almost absolutely free. Well there is a small catch. If you want to read advanced tidbits of her work, you'll have to sign up for her newsletter to get the user name and password....however, just an FYI she only emails once a month with news of upcoming releases, bloghops and guests on her blog. The last thing she wants to do is flood your account with emails. You can find the link to sign up on the right hand side tool bar.

This is also where her readers will find not only advanced previews of her work beyond her free reads, but advanced cover art reveals, cut scenes and other fun tidbits like Livvy's Playroom.  That's an area where Livvy will post pictures of her favorite things, from corsets to delicious toys.  She'll even accept suggestions from the readers if they happen to find kinky items they wish to share - within reason. :D  

So poke around, and be sure to mention if there's something else as reader you'd like to see. I'm always open to suggestions. 

Puzzle of Wyk's Surrender

Something fun and interactive. A puzzle created from Dakota's coming soon release Wyk's Surrender E-Book cover. This FemDom story that will be out Sept 24th and is part of Decadent Publishing's popular 1NightStand series.