Livvy's Playroom

Welcome to Livvy's Playroom, the home of Dakota's mischievous muse, Livvy. Enter at your own risk. Dakota doesn't claim any responsibility for what you might find here.  You've been warned.

Now that we've separated Dakota's actions from those of her muse's. Lets find out a little more about the wild and unfettered Livvy. 

Dakota won't admit to how long Livvy has been dogging her heels, but however she is fountain of information when it comes to her muse - like how on a good day Livvy's a proverbial pain in her ass but on a bad one, Dakota is reaching for the nearest ball-gag to shut her up. Well at least, until Livvy steals the damned thing. Which is probably why when Livvy started nagging about having a playroom on her site, that Dakota gave in - just so she could have a little peace and quiet. So poke around and find out what a naughty muse thinks about when she isn't driving her author insane. Just remember you were warned.  There is no controlling Livvy.

So what does Livvy do when she's not pestering Dakota? Well she does have other things she loves to indulge herself in.  Of course, some of Dakota's readers already know about them from when Livvy hosted a couple of Dakota's book tours.  But for those who weren't so lucky to catch her in action,  here's her top five list.

Livvy's Top Five List of Things to Do
#5 -  wearing corsets - the sexier the better
#4 -  flirting with hunky men of all races - including muses and other paranormal beings.
#3 - stealing naughty toys
#2 - eating anything sweet - especially chocolate
#1 - thinking up new ways torment Dakota 

Sounds like a lot of fun doesn't it? Well, from what we've been told, Livvy seems to think so. If she isn't found bending Dakota's ear or frequenting the Wicked Muse Tavern, she's usually wolfing down some delicious treat  while keeping her eye out for new toys to swipe, corsets to buy or man-candy to drool over.  And that's where you - the readers come into play. Below you've probably noticed the pictures for Livvy's Picks of the Month. Once a month she goes scouring the net looking for yummy things to tempt even the most discerning palate and she wants your help...if you see something absolutely delicious, she wants you to send a link to her slave....ahem...I mean Dakota's email address ( with Monthly Toy, Monthly Hunk...etc... in the subject line.  If your suggestion gets chosen to be featured the next month, Livvy will give you a free e-book off Dakota's backlist and enter a picture of your suggestion to Dakota's "end of the year contest." (which will have even a bigger prize...a $10 Gift Certificate to Amazon for each category.)

Livvy's Picks of the Month
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Livvy's Question of the Month: 
"What as a reader do you prefer - Doms or Dommes? Or maybe both?

Doms, Dommes or both?
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Livvy's Motto: 
"Words sometimes flow like a river, and at other times like a clogged toilet - so don't give me any crap or you'll get the latter."